trump VS. the france climate change act

Right  after i talked to a young lady named neomi about the petition about to support to whether do you really think its wrong about what tump did to withdrawal the france climate change act after I signed the petition,gave me flyers about very interesting information about right before the  trump withdrawal happened,me and neomi both shook hands and left the first question that came to my mind once i heard on the news that trump withdrawal the france climate change act was….why can’t france negotiate with people in europe or in any other continents?This is the main thing that I absolutely do not like about republican presidents and as I have said before they do not believe in climate change! If I were ever the president of the united states of america i would do my best  to prevent climate change from ever happening! So thats why i clearly signed yes at the petition. and here is their link: but if this global warming still continues things are not gonna get any better! including their latest report: there has also been shortage of food worldwide! most people say that its because of the climate change too! and here is the most latest book named farmageddon link: even on world hunger day (may 28) theres more info cgtn link:  theres also parts 1,2, and 3!



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