another muslim ban? o..o

No seriously another muslim ban? hopefully this upcoming ban comes with a expected warning and not with a no warning hopefully not like back in late January where every single passenger at j.f.k airport started protesting with the main words ” no muslim ban!” but the one thing that trump changed in the executive order was he took off iraq from the banning list! so then why can’t he put afganistan on the list instead huh?  FYI  remember 9/11 Osama bin laden and Afghanistan?! Yup these are the 3 main reasons why I think now that Iraq has been taken off of the Muslim ban list and Afghanistan to take its place!! Well what I still wonder about Iraq is how come the country was unbanned from the list even after the Iraq war against the united states of america during George Bush’s 2001-2008 presidentcy.So I don’t know how could president trump  just trust Iraq after what happened in the past?!


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