These past couple of days I have heard that robots are now taking human beings jobs away and that they are way better than humans for when it comes to their intelligence, but the main thing that it can help human beings to last a lifetime ( and to not ever wanna die) and these 2 books are the ones that talk mostly about it – BEYOND HUMAN : How cutting_edge science is extending our lives by eve herold link:                             to be a machine adventures among cyborgs, utopians,hackers, and the futurist solving the modest problem of death by mark o’connell link:’connell&f=false


welcome to the “modern life”!             there is even more technology   even becoming half human and half robot by the 2030’s? the main movie from 2005 that it kinda reminds me of? I.. robot  it’s freaking me out!becuse i mean hey i grew up in the 2000’s  decade when everything turned from old to modern and from analog, and to be able to live forever I  would start to think well now that’s impossible! well it wasn’t possible until now.

donald trump starts cleaning up the mess that obama left behind!

well hopefully trump will be able to fix everything (well at least for now)because there are clearly already trillions of dollars in debt, there are still job cuts,the official shopping centers like for example sears,walmart,sports authority,and marshalls-  have gone out of business and after 8 years of having obama as our president almost left america in the ruins! so hopefully trump will be able to reverse trillions of dollars of debt into no debt at all and I wonder if he is going to make a 3 trillion economic jumpstart so I wonder if he could all of NYC residents a favor lower the rent back to the way it was again! it’s just too high! now-a-days you just gotta have atleast 2,000 dollars for a 3 bedroom apartment! so clearly yeah right now NYC is not the best place to live permanently if you want to live in a project (NYCHA much more cheaper rent pricing) or if not just tour around.

another muslim ban? o..o

No seriously another muslim ban? hopefully this upcoming ban comes with a expected warning and not with a no warning hopefully not like back in late January where every single passenger at j.f.k airport started protesting with the main words ” no muslim ban!” but the one thing that trump changed in the executive order was he took off iraq from the banning list! so then why can’t he put afganistan on the list instead huh?  FYI  remember 9/11 Osama bin laden and Afghanistan?! Yup these are the 3 main reasons why I think now that Iraq has been taken off of the Muslim ban list and Afghanistan to take its place!! Well what I still wonder about Iraq is how come the country was unbanned from the list even after the Iraq war against the united states of america during George Bush’s 2001-2008 presidentcy.So I don’t know how could president trump  just trust Iraq after what happened in the past?!