last days! how will president trump save america now?

How will president trump save america now? I mean theres already just way too many natural disasters affecting the south of the U.S.A including here in new york city (sadly republican don’t believe in climate change)! theres already a book of natural disasters in history called PROTECTING THE PLANET environmental champions from the conservation of climate change by Budd titlow and Mariah tinger  link:           and i just can’t believe that i have  heard democractics are more the rulers than republicans! there are even democratic named books in the libraries right now! and it seems pretty true! they really do seem more like their (rewriting the rules of the american economy by joseph e. stiglitz link:                                                                                                                                       first it was rumors about WW3 and now WW4 by douglas alan cohn link:                    this very last book talks about the last days prophecies,isis,russia,illegal immigrant etc. the book is called: people are asking is this the end? signs of gods providence in a disturbing new world by DR. DAVID JEREMIAH link:


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