media war!

i just can’t believe that my most favorite childhood alternative rock OK GO! started to explain their political views on trump by putting on a music video covered named interesting drug which is pretty uncomftable by the lyrics that really shocked me was: there are some bad people on the raise (meant trump) and the russian shemed designed to kill your dream oh mama oh dad once poor always poor ( meaning vladamir putin, homelessness  and the illegal immigrants) so it looks more like the band dosn’t like trump atall! the media is also saying terriable things about melania and barron trump but well at least melania is fighting back if the next the media says terriable things about them one more time they will leave them enemies poor until their very core! I also heard that the white house  just cut CNN! So it pretty much lied it’s self  to death! The media just went to war with trump! so the only question is trump gonna win? or should go to court with the media against trump?


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