donald.j trump and the border wall

President Trump has done way too many promises that most supports have been hoping for and in less than his first week in office and the news journalists from fox business channel were stunned at how quick he is like meaning business people never joke around  but the main complicated promise that he hasnt been able to start an agreement yet was the boder wall  hopefully trump would be able to build the border wall i mean mainly on his own  with just the united states as everyone recently just yesterday that the president of mexico enrique pena nieto would certainly would not be able to afford  entirely to pay for the border by the U.S homeland security. So mexico decided to cancel the meeting between enrique pena nieto and president trump.Trump told mexico again about a different option by putting 20 percent tax on all imports to pay for trumps plan on the southern border wall, and here are a couple of details  on how the border wall is gonna look like  if you read the national ecouriers magazine : I read a couple of his plans on how  the border wall is gonna be built how much security is there gonna be while it was still on sale at a rite aide pharmacy.


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